Introduction to the History of Ancient Japan


Kelly Macquire
published on 18 September 2022

The History of Ancient Japan dates back to the fifteenth century BCE, and spans thousands of years until the beginning of the Medieval period in Japan. The Jōmon period was the first historical period of Japan, and the name Jōmon comes from the name of the pottery that was crafted during this period (which also happens to be the oldest pottery in the world). The traditional religion of Japan was Shinto (which would later be replaced by Buddhism as the dominant religion of the region). In Shinto mythology, the gods Izanami and Izanagi dipped a jewelled spear into the primordial sea and created the Japanese islands.

After the fist period of ancient Japan, the Jōmon period, then comes the Yayoi period which is also named after a type of pottery crafted during this time. Then comes the Kofun period, a time in ancient Japan named not after pottery, but after the monumental burials which were commonly built for the elite on the Korean Peninsula. Next, there is the Asuka period, during which the most significant ruler of Japan, Prince Shotoku ruled as regent until his death in six twenty-two CE. Following the Asuka Period is the Nara period which was a prosperous time for literature with two incredibly famous and important works being produced at this time, the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki which are works on the Shinto gods, their creation myths and royal genealogies.

Finally, there is the Heian period which spanned from seven ninety-four to eleven eighty-five and is named after the capital of this time, Heiankyo, which is known today as Kyoto.



0:00​ Introduction
1:04 The Jōmon Period
3:34 The Yayoi Period
6:11 The Kofun Period
8:44 The Asuka Period
11:02 The Nara Period
14:15 The Heian Period
18:06 Outro

Ancient Japan
Shinto Religion
Japanese Emperor
Jomon Period
Yayoi Period
Kofun Period
Asuka Period
Nara Period
Heian Period

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