We have active partnerships to pursue common goals with the following organizations:

UNESCO Archives

UNESCO Archives
We have a content sharing agreement with the UNESCO Archives, jointly promoting activities of UNESCO and its archives to highlight and protect cultural heritage around the world.

Antiqvvs Magazine

Antiqvvs Magazine
We publish the digital edition of Antiqvvs, an in-depth magazine on ancient history, featuring the latest research on the ancient world.


Centro Argentino de Información Científica y Tecnológica
We work with the Humanidades Digitales initiative to promote the digital humanities and the study of history in Argentina and the Spanish-speaking world.

Digital Meets Culture
This online magazine covers digital cultural heritage and art projects around the world with a focus on the European Union. Our mission to use digital media to promote cultural heritage align perfectly.


Europeana EAGLE Project
This website is a database of Greek and Latin epigraphy, containing photos and transcriptions of ancient inscriptions in Europe. We jointly highlight the importance of epigraphy for understanding the cultures of antiquity.

Filosofía en la Red

Filosofía en la Red
Filosofía en la Red works with us to disseminate information about the history of philosophy in the Spanish-speaking world. Founded in 2014 by Miguel Ángel García Calderón, the website encourages and promotes philosophy on the internet, generating spaces for debate within a framework of tolerance and respect.

Lithodomos VR

Jointly with Lithodomos we promote the use of their virtual reality technology to bring the ancient world alive and allow people to "travel back in time".

Medieval Magazine

Medieval Magazine
We publish the digital subscription edition of The Medieval Magazine, an ad-free digital magazine about all things Medieval.

Mohawk Games / Old World

Mohawk Games
We share the belief that interactive games are excellent tools to engage people with history, and their game Old World is no exception: It is an intelligent historical strategy game about the ancient Mediterranean world. We have a media sharing partnership, allowing us to use Old World illustrations in our publication.


Pelagios Network
The Pelagios Network provides us with troves of data on ancient locations for our interactive map of the ancient world.

Save Ancient Studies Alliance

Save Ancient Studies Alliance
We jointly create events and media campaigns to promote the study of antiquity at universities and engage young people with ancient history.

Bible Odyssey

Society of Biblical Literature
The SBL is one of the oldest learned societies in the United States. We jointly promote the scholarly study of Biblical and Near Eastern literature and collaborate in the creation of related content through their Bible Odyssey platform.

Timeless Travels

Timeless Travels Magazine
We published the digital edition of this innovative magazine about travel and cultural heritage from 2014 to 2020. Unfortunately, the magazine is now dormant, but old issues can still be purchased on the website.

USI / UNESCO / uniTwin Logo

Università della Svizzera italiana
We work with the UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites to promote responsible cultural heritage tourism. We also fund an annual scholarship for their summer school programmes.

Does your organization share our goals and you wish to partner with us? Please contact us!