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World History Encyclopedia is one of the most-read history publications in the world, trusted by millions of monthly readers and recommended by prestigious institutions such as Oxford University and the School Library Journal. If you wish to put your brand in front of our audience with a strong history affinity, you've come to the right place!

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Our Audience

All of our readers have some sort of interest in history and can be divided into the following core audience segments:

  • History Enthusiasts
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Scholars
  • Librarians

To learn more about our audience, please review our media kit:

Media Kit

Banner Advertisements


We offer banner advertisements on our website, which we can target based on a variety of factors such as user country, audience type, interests, and much more. Our banners have a viewability measure of 79% ensuring that your ads are seen by human eyes. Below are our standard options for ad bookings but we are happy to provide you with a custom quote, too. 

Site-Wide Booking

Your banners will be shown to visitors across the entire website, in the most prominent banner placements that generate the highest click-through rates.

Country Audience
(monthly avg.)
Price USD
Price USD
(500,000 ad impressions)
United States 1,400,000 readers $4.00 $2000
Mexico 300,000 readers $1.50 $750
Canada 130,000 readers $2.50 $1250
Australia 100,000 readers $2.00 $1000
United Kingdom 70,000 readers $2.50 $1250
Spain 75,000 readers $1.50 $750
France 60,000 readers $1.50 $750

Prices for other countries available upon request. Budget can be adjusted to your needs.

Premium Audiences

Our premium audiences are highly engaged users that are known to us, which we have also verified as real humans. As such, we know more about them and can classify them as being part of one of our core audience segments.

Country Audience
(monthly avg.)
Price USD
Price USD
(recommended package)
History Enthusiasts 30,000 readers $6.00 $2000 for 300,000 ad impressions
Students 29,000 readers $5.00 $2500 for 500,000 ad impressions
Teachers 38,000 readers $6.00 $2000 for 300,000 ad impressions
Scholars 4,000 readers $9.00 $900 for 100,000 ad impressions
Librarians 1,500 readers $7.00 $350 for 50,000 ad impressions

Prices above are given for the United States, Canada, the European Union and Australia; for other countries please get in touch.

We can also provide other segments upon request, including non-history interest, estimated income, demographics and purchase intent data.

Contextual Targeting

In addition to targeting users per country or by audience, we are also able to target banner advertisements based on the context of page content and user interest. For example, a travel ad for Greece could only be shown within the context of Greece on our website, making sure that the ad is relevant to the user. We offer a wide range of targeting options based on keywords, subject areas, geographic topics and even time periods. All targeting types can be combined and we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.

Exclusive Bookings

We can also offer exclusive bookings on our website, meaning that no other ads will show apart from yours. These come at a higher price which depends on the precise targeting parameters, time of year and general market conditions. Please get in touch to receive a quote.

Testimonial “World History Encyclopedia is an incredible partner to work with to promote history books to an active and engaged audience. They have an exciting range of promotional options available and their team is always eager to collaborate for the success of the campaign.” — Sarah Butcher, Marketing Manager, Oxford University Press

Newsletter Promotions


We have multiple newsletters in English, Spanish and French. If your brand or product is directly relevant to history, we can promote it directly in our newsletter. We can offer either a separate individual email sent to subscribers (example), or an ad placement in the usual weekly newsletter. Prices are for a single promotional email sent to the selected audience.

Newsletter Segment Audience Price
English-Language Newsletter 30,000 readers $600
United States Only 11,000 readers $330
Spanish-Language Newsletter 6,000 readers $120
French-Language Newsletter 1,500 readers $30

Article Sponsorships

If your product is relevant to an article on our website, you can sponsor the article. Sponsored articles (example) contain a custom banner that promotes your product with a permanent backlink to your website, which not only promotes your brand but it also good for search engine optimization. We only accept sponsorships for products that are directly related to our articles, for example:

  • History book publishers
  • Historical video games
  • Travel companies to historic destinations
  • Movies or TV shows about history

Sponsored articles cost $650 each as a one-time payment and the sponsorship will remain on that article in perpetuity. Most articles reach thousands of readers every month.

We do not accept sponsored articles in the form of guest posts; only existing articles or those produced in coordination with our editorial team can be sponsored.

Book Now

In order to book an advertisement, please send us an email at and we will get back to you shortly.

Advertising Policies

World History Encyclopedia reserves the right to reject ad campaigns. We generally do not accept advertising in the following categories:

  • Nothing illegal
  • No adult content, must be family-friendly
  • No alcohol, tobacco, drugs, religion or politics
  • No essay writing services
  • No guest or sponsored posts
  • No paid link insertions

All prices on this page are indicative and may be subject to change in accordance with market rates and seasonal effects on readership.