Units of History - The Sacred Band of Thebes


Ibolya Horváth
by Invicta
published on 17 June 2021

In this ancient history documentary we take a closer look at one of the most famous units of history, the Sacred Band of Thebes. The video begins with an over view of the the history of Thebes. We cover its mythology, founding in the bronze age, and rise to power over the course of the Greco Persian wars, the Peloponnesian war, and the ensuing wars in greek history.

The Sacred Band actually only exists for a brief period of 40 years around the height of Theban power. It was formed in response to Spartan aggression following the restoration of the Theban democracy. The unit was supposedly composed of paired male lovers according to Plutarch. They were garrisoned on the acropolis of Thebes and became a jack of all trades for their polis, capable of serving as not just front line troops but also fire fighters and strategic strike forces.

The history documentary then covers their military training, equipment, and service history. This includes a discussion of the battle of Tegyra where they defeated a superior Spartan force and the famous battle of Leuctra where the Sacred Band of Thebes helped defeat a spartan army. Finally we conclude with the battle of Chaeronea where the Sacred Band faces its match in the invading Macedonian Army of Philip II of Macedon and his son, Alexander the Great.

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