Burak Yildiz

Burak Yildiz


Born in 1994 in Diyarbakir, which is in the Southeast of Turkey. I have been living in Istanbul for about 26 years. I started to be interested in English at the age of six and therefore I graduated from the language field in High School. In this way, I graduated from Istanbul Arel University, Department of Translation and Interpreting (English) in line with this field. After graduation, I have been working as a Volunteer Translator on the TEDx platform since 2021 in order to gain experience about the sector in a practical sense, although I know theoretically. I am also a volunteer translator in the crowdin application. By the way, I have a lot of interest in history from high school. I am curious about topics such as Turkish history, world history and Islamic history, and I do research on topics I do not know about.


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