Fall of Rome - Podcast & Mindmap


Marion Wadowski
published on 08 April 2020
Download this teaching resource:

This activity has been designed to fit a 10-minute slot for your class. Based on a 5-minute podcast, students have to fill in a mind map to identify the main reasons for Rome's fall.

It is part of our Fall of Rome pack where you can find:

  • A 5-minute podcast explaining in simple terms why Rome fell (MP3)
  • A short text to fill in and a diagram to complete based on that podcast (Word, PDF)
  • The transcript and answer keys are all included (Word, PDF)
  • You also have a choice of two wrap-up activities/open questions, should you want to go further, according to your students' level of abilities (Word, PDF)

Should you need it, check out our “cheat sheets” to give your students such as tips to write a great essay or tools to make your life easier, such as marking grids.

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Download this teaching resource:

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