MILITARY HISTORY : Roman and Barbarian Weapons

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Mark Cartwright
by Military History 2015
published on 04 March 2016

Uploaded by MILITARY HISTORY 2015. A look at the Military History of the Romans and Barbarians Weapons. This show demonstrates the technologies and tactics used by conquering armies over the centuries. In Roman Weapons, the show uses detailed replicas of the weapons used by the Ancient Romans, along with re-enactments, to show how the Romans achieved their victories.

Part 2 starts 21:25 and is based on Barbarian Weaponry. The Roman Empire seemed destined to conquer the world. Their relentless march was tested time and again against the unorthodox weaponry of the Celtic and Germanic Barbarian hordes. Join us as we explore the weapons and strategies employed by the Barbarians to stand and triumph against the Roman tide.

Much of what we know of ancient history is the history of militaries: their conquests, their movements, and their technological innovations. There are many reasons for this. Kingdoms and empires, the central units of control in the ancient world, could only be maintained through military force. Due to limited agricultural ability, there were relatively few areas that could support large communities, so fighting was common.

Weapons and armor, designed to be sturdy, tended to last longer than other artifacts, and thus a great deal of surviving artifacts recovered tend to fall in this category as they are more likely to survive. Weapons and armor were also mass-produced to a scale that makes them quite plentiful throughout history, and thus more likely to be found in archaeological digs.

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