Comparative Timelines of Egypt & Kush

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Patrick Goodman
published on 02 April 2021
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From c. 3150 - 2400 BCE, the nutrient-rich banks of the Nile River gave rise to two major civilizations: Egypt and Kush. Contact between the two began as early as c. 3150 BCE, with the first Egyptian expeditions (a mixture of military raids and establishment of trade partnerships).

Kush grew strong during the Egyptian Second Intermediate Period, when Egypt was ruled by people known as the Hyksos. Egypt would eventually regain control through the leadership of kings such as Ahmose I and Thutmose III, and conquered Kush as well. With the fall of the New Kingdom c. 1069 BCE, Kush regained independence. Around 750 BCE, Kush was able to conquer a weakened Egypt, and set up their own kings as the 25th Dynasty of Egypt.

Though the 26th Dynasty would briefly regain Egyptian independence, increasingly strong invaders would overtake Egypt until the fall of the Roman Empire. Meanwhile, Kush moved its capital further south to the city of Meroe. From Meroe, Kush began to form a unique culture all it's own until its eventual collapse through a combination of environmental overuse and invasion from the Kingdom of Axum.

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Patrick Goodman
Patrick is a librarian with a background in paper-based materials preservation. He enjoys discovering both the shared and defining characteristics of ancient societies, and how the past still shapes us today.

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