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published on 07 May 2023

The Pax Romana (Roman Peace) was a period of relative peace and stability across the Roman Empire which lasted for over 200 years, beginning with the reign of Augustus (27 BCE - 14 CE). The aim of Augustus and his successors was to guarantee law, order, and security within the empire, even if this meant separating it from the rest of the world and defending, or even expanding, its borders through military intervention and conquest.

Throughout the existence of both the Roman Republic and Empire, the borders of Rome continually expanded. Besides the initial territorial conquests after the Punic Wars, the eternal city added land in the Balkans, Middle East, and North Africa. Later, they would move westward into Gaul, Spain and northward into Germany and Britain. Through the triumphs of Caesar, Augustus, Claudius, and Marcus Aurelius, Rome became one of largest empires that had ever existed, greater than that of Persia, Assyria, and even challenging that of Alexander the Great. However, a territory that large caused many difficulties, many of them costly - riots, rebellions and insurrections were rampant. The solution to many of these problems came under the astute leadership of Emperor Augustus - it was called the Pax Romana or Roman Peace.



0:00​ Introduction
0:56 What is Pax Romana?
2:02 Life Before Pax Romana
4:21 Augustus and the Roman Peace
6:12 Augustus’ Successors and the End of Pax Romana
8:20 Outro

Pax Romana
Ara Pacis Augustae
Reforms of Augustus
Augustus' Political, Social, & Moral Reforms–moral-reforms/

Roman Empire
Roman Republic
Julius Caesar
Julio-Claudian Dynasty
Western Roman Empire
Eastern Roman Empire

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