History of the Phoenicians: The Maritime Superpowers of the Mediterranean


Kelly Macquire
published on 14 November 2021

The Phoenicians were the maritime superpowers of the Mediterranean. Their culture flourished and was at its most powerful between 1500 and 332 BCE when Alexander the Great entered the region and decimated the cities and their populations, bringing to an end the maritime superpower. The Phoenicians were a number of independent city-states that shared the same culture in the modern-day regions of Syria, Lebanon, and Northern Israel. The Phoenician alphabet was the first alphabet and is the basis for many western alphabets today.

The Phoenicians are probably best known for their production of purple dye which was accomplished by its extraction from the murex shellfish, a sea creature that pretty much became extinct in the region due to the popularity of the colour. The production of the dye first began in Tyre during the Bronze Age, which is why it is known as Tyrian purple. Deposits of murex shells have been found on the outskirts of Sidon and Tyre, as well as at Phoenician colonies across the Mediterranean, including Carthage. Carthage began as a small hill community on the North African Coast which is now modern day Tunis and it's legendary founding of the city is dated to 814 BCE by the Phoenician Queen Elissa, better known as Queen Dido.



0:00​ Introduction
0:55 Who Were the Phoenicians?
2:16 Phoenician Trade and Colonization
4:44 Phoenician Purple Dye
6:18 The History of Carthage and Queen Dido
8:07 Phoenician Art
10:09 Phoenician Religion
14:24 Outro

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