Titian: A Collection of 255 Paintings (HD)


Mark Cartwright
by LearnFromMasters
published on 11 September 2020

BOOKS about Titian:
[1] TITIAN by Ian Kennedy —- https://bit.ly/2QdwwhI
[2] TITIAN : HIS LIFE by Sheila Hale —- https://bit.ly/2HIQblQ
[3] TITIAN : THE LAST DAYS by Mark Hudson —- https://bit.ly/2VwoeTn
[4] TITIAN, TINTORETTO, VERONESE: Rivals in Renaissance Venice —- https://bit.ly/2EjovmV


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Titian: A collection of 255 paintings (HD)

Description: "Titian was an Italian painter and one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period. Considered as the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school, Titian painted works for King Philip II, Pope Paul III and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Born to a local modest official in Pieve di Cadore, Titian was sent to live with his uncle in Venice at the age of ten. Subsequently, he developed a keen interest in art and learnt the technique of painting and soon earned the opportunity to work with a few great painters of the era. Around 1518, he was deemed as one of Venice's leading artists with the completion of ‘Assumption of the Virgin’. Thereafter, Titian embarked on a prestigious career as a painter, receiving much support in his endeavor by a variety of lofty commissions. Much in demand in the courts of northern Italy around mid-16th century, his reputation spread like wildfire throughout Europe. Recognized as the "first painter" by Emperor Charles V and raised by him to the rank of Count Palatine, he painted astonishing mythology-inspired artwork and also created portraits of some of the leading personalities of the day during his lifetime. Retaining a lifelong interest in color, he continued to project amazing energy through his paintings until his death. Most celebrated for his mastery of color, creative works of Titian had a profound influence on countless future generations of artists."


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