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Nathalie Choubineh I am a translator from English and German to Farsi (Persian) with publications on music, history, literature, and drama since 1997, and a learning and research enthusiast with endless love for books and reading since when I can remember. My research work is focused on ancient Greek dance and its painted and sculpted representations, immensely inspired by the collection of painted pottery in the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, Reading, the sponsor of my doctoral degree in Classics. Exploration of ancient dances through their recreations in art, religion, and daily practices are part of my great passion for history and ancient history.

Before moving to the UK in 2009, I held a career as a teacher of music and its history and theory, which was going hand in hand with my translation and research work on musicology and ethnomusicology. To me, teaching and translation are realizations of an inherent tendency for sharing what I have learned and, particularly, enjoyed learning. And I find the World History Encyclopedia a fantastically open, colourful, multi-faceted, interactive, and user-friendly platform for following both purposes.


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