Britain Timeline

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  • 12000 BCE
    Paleolithic seasonal camp at Howburn Farm in Biggar, Scotland, visited regularly.
  • 10500 BCE - 7000 BCE
    Mesolithic settlements established (many seasonal) in Scotland.
  • c. 6500 BCE
    Possibly the last time there was a land bridge between Britain and the continent.
  • 6000 BCE
    Bones and antlers used as tools, ring and cup marks on stones begin appearing in Scotland.
  • c. 3500 BCE
    The vast stone complex known as the Ness of Brodgar in use in Orkney.
  • c. 3100 BCE
    Neolithic village of Skara Brae inhabited.
  • c. 3100 BCE - c. 2500 BCE
    Megalithic Period in which majority of standing stone sites were constructed.
  • c. 3000 BCE - c. 2800 BCE
    The Neolithic chambered cairn known as Maeshowe constructed and in use.
  • c. 2500 BCE
    Migration of the so-called Beaker People to Scotland.
  • 2000 BCE - 1500 BCE
    Wessex culture introduces bronze working to Britain.
  • c. 2000 BCE - c. 1400 BCE
    Early Bronze Age in Scotland.
  • c. 1400 BCE - c. 900 BCE
    Middle Bronze Age in Scotland.
  • c. 900 BCE - c. 400 BCE
  • c. 900 BCE
    Celtic Migration begins in Europe with many Celts landing in Scotland.
  • 55 BCE - 54 BCE
    Julius Caesar invades Britain twice.
  • 55 BCE - 54 BCE
    Julius Caesar's expeditions in Britain.
  • 55 BCE
    Caesar attempts to invade Britain.
  • 54 BCE
    Caesar successfully invades Britain but withdraws to Gaul.
  • 54 BCE - 43 CE
    Roman influence grows in Britain owing to trade.
  • 43 CE
    Romans invade Britain under Aulus Plautius.
  • 43 CE - 47 CE
    Romans conquer South Britain and claim the territory as part of Roman Empire.
  • 43 CE
    Claudian invasion of Britain, includes the Legio II Augusta.
  • 51 CE
    Briton rebel leader Caratacus defeated, rebellion crushed.
  • 60 CE - 61 CE
    Boudicca's Revolt in Britain.
  • 60 CE - 61 CE
    Boudicca revolts, the Legio II Augusta does not respond to a call to arms.
  • 75 CE - 77 CE
    Romans defeat the last of the Northern tribes; Roman conquest of Britain complete.
  • 122 CE
    Construction begins on Hadrian's Wall.
  • 142 CE
    The Antonine Wall built under Antoninus Pius, north of Hadrian's Wall.
  • 286 CE
    Naval commander Carausius (Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Valerius Carausius) declares himself emperor in Britain and Northern Gaul.
  • 293 CE
    Emperor Carausius assassinated by Allectus.
  • 410 CE
    Rome withdraws forces from Britain.
  • 450 CE
    Angels and Saxons settle Britain.
  • c. 500 CE
    Kingdom of Dal Riada conquers the region of Scotland.
  • 1189 CE - 1199 CE
    Reign of Richard I (The Lionheart), king of England.