Dogs & Other Pets Through the Ages


Joshua J. Mark
published on 01 February 2024

People have been keeping animals as pets since at least the beginning of recorded history and the relationship between humans and their non-human friends seems to have remained more or less the same through the centuries. Dogs, in particular, have always been regarded as especially significant companions, while the status of cats has varied in certain ages.

From ancient Mesopotamia to the modern era, however, people have cherished their pets and, with certain civilizations – notably ancient Egypt – have regarded their canine, feline, or other companions as family members. Even though pets may have been treated differently at different times, the connection one has to one’s pet today is essentially the same as it was thousands of years ago.

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Which pet was domesticated first?

The dog is understood to be the first pet domesticated, over 30,000 years ago.

What has been the most popular pet in history?

The dog has been the most popular pet in history.

Did the ancient Egyptians worship their pets as gods?

No. The ancient Egyptians did not worship their pets as gods; they regarded them as members of their family.

Where was the dog collar first invented?

Like the question of where were dogs first domesticated, the question regarding the dog collar has been given many different answers. Most likely, it was invented in Mesopotamia.
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