A Short History of Assyria and the Neo-Assyrian Empire

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Kelly Macquire
published on 08 March 2022

Assyria has a long history, beginning in northern Mesopotamia and then expanding during the Neo-Assyrian Empire from Mesopotamia through Asia Minor, and down through Egypt. The empire began in the city of Ashur and went through many different stages of expansion and sacking by a number of kingdoms including the Mittani, the Babylonians and the Hittites.

The Neo-Assyrian Empire, also known as the Late Empire, is the period of the greatest expansion of the Empire, and it’s where their reputation has come from for ruthlessness and cruelty. Under the reign of king Adad Nirari II, he was able to recapture the lands lost during the Middle Empire, including the important region of Eber Nari, and their borders were secured as their expansions continued. Adad Nirari II conquered Babylon, but he learnt from his predecessors and, instead of plundering the city, he entered into a peace treaty with the king by marrying each other's daughters. This meant that Babylon became a powerful ally rather than a problem to be dealt with.

The Neo-Assyrian empire continued to grow as it became more cohesive with the spread of the worship of Ashur and the assimilation of conquered people. The region expanded up the coast of the Mediterranean where they received tribute from the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon and defeated the Armenian kingdom of Urartu under Shalmaneser III. The expansion of the empire ceased after Shalmaneser III with his successor Shamshi Adad V fighting with his brother for control and inciting civil war - which was eventually put down.



0:00​ Introduction
0:59 Intro to Assyria
1:30 The Old Kingdom of Assyria
4:52 The Middle Assyrian Empire
10:04 The Neo-Assyrian Empire
17:22 Decline and Legacy of the Assyrian Empire
20:20 Outro

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You can find all attribution and credits for images, animations, graphics and music here - https://worldhistory.typehut.com/a-short-history-of-assyria-and-the-neo-assyrian-empire-images-and-attributions-8635

The music used in this recording is the intellectual copyright of Michael Levy, a prolific composer for the recreated lyres of antiquity, and used with the creator's permission. Michael Levy's music is available to stream at all the major digital music platforms. Find out more on:

Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg) - own work
CC BY SA 4.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg) - own work
CC BY SA 4.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

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Kelly is a graduate from Monash University who has completed her BA (Honours) in Ancient History and Archaeology, focussing on iconography and status in Pylos burials. She has a passion for mythology and the Aegean Bronze Age.

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