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Viktorija Valenta Victoria is an art historian and a writer. She is an avid observer of the society, its past and development of the philosophical thought. Fan of Socrates! Lover of all things that ignite the mind and the heart to think and beat in a different way. She got her BA degree in Art History at The University of Zadar (Croatia) and MA degree in London (OU). Took a lot of detours to learn on her own, as she thought that life should be experienced outside the classroom. History geek, who enjoys learning new informations everyday, excessive travel, long museum walks, libraries and parks...usually accompanied with a good book. Native speaker of Croatian language, based in England.
If you look closely history can give all the answers and provide understanding on why things are as they are, and why society, which we are all part of, is such as it is. If you are willing to explore and be open-minded, it can shape an individual into a more understanding and compassionate human being.


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English Original Language Translation Translator
Kithara Croatian Kitara Viktorija Valenta
Corinth Croatian Korint Viktorija Valenta
Eleusis Croatian Eleusina Viktorija Valenta