Alexander Severus


Alexander Severus served as the Roman emperor from 222 CE until his untimely death in 235 CE. At the urging of his mother, aunt, and grandmother, Emperor Elagabalus named his cousin Alexianus (the future Alexander Severus) as his heir in the summer of 221 CE. After realizing the possible consequences of his actions, he planned for the young Caesar's execution. Unfortunately for Elagabalus, the tide would quickly turn against him when instead of killing young Alexianus, he and his mother would meet their deaths at the hands of the Praetorian Guard. On March 11 (some say 13), 222 CE, the Roman Senate welcomed the 13-year-old as the empire's new imperial ruler.

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  • 208 CE
    Birth of Roman Emperor Alexander Severus.
  • 221 CE
    Alexander Severus named Caesar and heir to Elagabalus.
  • 13 Mar 222 CE - 18 Mar 235 CE
    Reign of Roman Emperor Severus Alexander.
  • 224 CE
    Death of Ulpian - Praetorian Guard commander and advisor to Alexander Severus and his mother.
  • 227 CE
    Arranged marriage of Alexander Severus. Though the bride is exiled by his mother.
  • 231 CE
    Alexander Severus and his mother arrive in Antioch to battle the Persians.
  • 235 CE
    Alexander Severus and his mother cross the Rhine to engage the Germans.
  • 18 Mar 235 CE
    Assassination of Alexander Severus and his mother, which begins crisis and period of Barracks Emperors.