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Alice Robinson and the Indus Valley Tablet


Past Preservers
by Past Preservers
published on 22 April 2014
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Alice is a curator and an archaeological researcher. She is also the youngest woman ever to become a curator at the British Museum. She works at the British Museum's Department of Asia, specialising in knowledge of South Asia; Sri Lanka and India and looks after some 30,000 ancient objects. She studied at Oxford University and graduated in 2005 with an MA in archaeology and anthropology and has undertaken archaeological and anthropological fieldwork in the UK and abroad in countries such as Romania, Nepal, Belize and Sri Lanka. She has used her knowledge of history, archaeology and anthropology to work for museums in the cultural sector and advise documentary makers at the BBC. She also has a passion for the underwater environment and marine life, and plans to study for an MA in underwater archaeology. Her twin sister and her have appeared on the popular British archaeology show 'Time Team', Channel 4, as onscreen diggers, and have also been magicians assistants for a BBC3 show, dispelled myths about beauty for BBC2. Her recent adventures have taken her uncovering the mysteries of the Norman invasion of Britain, and excavating in Egypt for the History Channel US; this eight part series is due to air on 14th July 2010. Please view her website for more details;

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