Charlemagne Part 3 - The Saxon Wars


Joshua J. Mark
by Quill & Ink History
published on 14 June 2023

Today we're going to continue to cover the magnificent life and legend of Emperor Charlemagne, also known as Emperor Charles the Great. Being often referred to as the father of Europe Emperor Charlemagne the great was an excellent military commander, uniting the Frankish kingdom conquering Italy, Bavaria, Saxony, and northern Spain. Due to his conquests and help in spreading Christianity Charlemagne was in January 800 A.D crowned emperor of Rome by the Pope. Being both a man of the battlefield as well as of the mind Charlemagne also contributed to the cultural and intellectual development in Europe in what is today known as the Carolingian renaissance.

But how did he get there?

That’s the subject that we will cover in this video where we will cover Charlemagne's 33-year long struggle to subdue the pagan tribes in Saxony known as the Saxon wars. The conflict would come to demonstrate Charlemagne’s unending determination to subdue and Christianize the region as well as his unforgiving attitude in the face of opposition so stay tuned!

Recommended literature.

- Medieval Europe by Chris Wickham. Link:
Charlemagne’s Early Campaigns 768–777(Kelly DeVries et al, 2013).
Medieval Europe(Chris Wickham, 2016).

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