Olga of Kiev: The Viking Saint of Russia

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Mark Cartwright
by Biographics
published on 28 February 2022

In today’s video we are covering our first Saint worshipped both by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, revered for having first introduced Christianity amongst the Rus. These were a pagan people of Nordic descent, who ruled over a vast land in the early Middle Ages, from the Baltic to the Black Sea. But her holy title should not fool you, as she did not dedicate her life solely to prayer and converting the heathen. This Saint was a ruler, the regent of the Principality of Kiev, and one of the most powerful women of the early Middle Ages.

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Source/Further reading:

The Primary Chronicle: https://ia600608.us.archive.org/10/items/TheRussianPrimaryChronicle/the%20russian%20primary%20chronicle.pdf

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