Hadrian - The Restless Emperor


Ludvig Jungeström
by The SPQR Historian
published on 30 May 2021
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Hadrian… the restless emperor or, less flatteringly, the absent emperor. Hadrian is best remembered for the monuments he built; not least of these was Hadrian's wall in northern England; it stands today as an evocative symbol of Roman power.

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Narration by: Alexander Dobby

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Intro: 0:00
Early Life: 0:36
Tribunus Laticlavius: 4:13
Optimus Princeps: 6:25
The Parthian Expedition: 17:02
The New Emperor: 20:43
The Four Ex-Consuls: 25:52
Hadrians Buildings: 29:42
Hadrians Travels: 32:24
To Britannia: 34:26
To The East: 36:22
Back To Rome: 44:43
To Africa: 46:39
To Athens: 49:43
Death on the Nile: 52:45
The Bar Kokhba Revolt: 54:43
Succession: 57:06
Legacy: 1:02:43

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