The Elamite Empire


Jan van der Crabben
by The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
published on 15 September 2020

Elam was a region in the Near East corresponding to the modern-day provinces of Ilam and Khuzestan in southern Iran (though it also included part of modern-day southern Iraq) whose civilization spanned thousands of years from c. 3200 - c. 539 BCE. The name comes from the Akkadian and Sumerian words for “highlands” or “high country” while the Elamites referred to their land as Haltami (or Haltamti) which seems to have had the same meaning.

In this episode we follow the rise and fall of one of the earliest and greatest civilizations and cultures in human history.

From their participation in the earliest war in human history to their isolated language and unique art forms, Elam and its people carved out a unique place for themselves in history.

From religious tolerance to military expansion the Elamite Empire expanded and forever changed ancient Mesopotamia until it came to clash with the Assyrian Empire and would eventually be conquered, assimilated, independent again and then assimilated again by the great Persian Empire.

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