Tereza Bodnar

Tereza Bodnar


History has been my passion and a lively interest since the earliest youth, and continues to be a fascinating hobby, as well as a source of inspiration, recreation, and brainstorming. Starting with the history of my native country's prominent Medieval state - Kyivan Rus', which charmed me in my childhood, Middle Ages were quite a love at first sight. Thus, the history of Medieval and Renaissance Europe is something I never fail to keep an eye on.
While Medieval and Tudor England, the Wars of the Roses, and the Hundred Years' War are currently my prime subjects, my historical interests also include the history of the French Revolution, on which I successfully wrote a graduate work.
My university studies were focussed on international relations where history was both an essential part of learning and a spark of fascination which helped me a great deal to expand my vision of political, diplomatic, and cultural relations between nations and personalities.
History had always had a powerful visual side to it for me, hence the enthusiasm and deep enjoyment I take in learning and contemplation of visual arts and period costume.
The last, but not the least thing to mention, is my enduring curiosity to discover the hidden part of history, especially in dispelling the myths and misconceptions about either lesser-know or famous personalities and historical periods.


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