Salvatore Piccolo

Salvatore Piccolo


I have attended classical studies which made me for all in love with all that is ancient. I graduated, magna cum laude, from the University of Palermo with an experimental thesis in Palethnology. The subject of my degree dissertation has led me to Prehistory, but I have also dealt with classical history having also written a few articles, published on Italian specialised magazines. I have been an advisor on historical docu-fictions several times. I am the author of a history essay on ancient Gela, which refelcts the whole history of Sicily from 689, the date of the Greek colony foundation, to 282, the date of its destruction. I also published a few history readings for school children. I worked at Syracuse archaeological museum for over 20 years.

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English Original Language Translation Translator
Dolmen Italian Dolmen Salvatore Piccolo
The Dolmens of Sicily Italian I Dolmen della Sicilia Salvatore Piccolo
Gela Italian Gela Salvatore Piccolo