Ceren Güllü

Ceren Güllü


Hi I am Ceren. I am 20 years old. I was born in Zonguldak. I live in Zonguldak with my family. (Except University period) Since my childhood, I have been translating the lyrics of the songs. This is where I started to translate. I continue to translate. After realizing my interest in English, my family supported me a lot. My family members encouraged me to study English at high school. After graduating from high school, I started to study in Dumlupınar University, which is a University in Kütahya in Turkey. I love history in mostly other nations because I like learning different cultures and their history. I am mostly interested in mythological topics. Besides translating, I have other professions such as singing, playing football or Bocce which is an Italian game played with iron balls. Thank you.


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