Picts Timeline

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  • 83 CE
    The Battle of Mons Graupius in which Agricola defeats Calgacus of the Picts.
  • 112 CE
    Hadrian's Wall built as boundary between Roman Britain and Pictland.
  • 142 CE
    Antonine Wall built further north as boundary between Romans and Picts.
  • 367 CE
    Picts, Scots, Saxons, and Franks attack the Roman Empire.
  • 397 CE
    St. Ninian begins conversion of Picts to Christianity.
  • c. 406 CE - c. 451 CE
    Reign of Drust I, King of the Picts.
  • 410 CE
    Romans leave Britain; Picts remain unconquered.
  • 563 CE
    St. Columba begins missionary work among the Picts.
  • 670 CE - 706 CE
    Reign of Brude Mac Derile, King of the Picts.
  • 685 CE
    The Battle of Dun Nechtain; Picts defeat Angle invading force.
  • 710 CE - 724 CE
    Nechtan's reign and beginning of religious wars among Picts.
  • 724 CE - 734 CE
    Internecine strife between Celtic Christian Picts and Roman Catholic Picts.
  • 734 CE - 761 CE
    Picts are united under King Oengus who leads them against the Scots.
  • 780 CE - 820 CE
    Reign of Constantin son of Fergus who unites the Scots and the Picts.
  • 820 CE - 834 CE
    Reign of Angus son of Fergus who defeats the Angles.
  • c. 843 CE - 858 CE
    Kenneth MacAlpin unites the Picts with the Scots to become the first king of Scotland.
  • c. 845 CE
    Viking raids on Pictish lands increase.
  • 899 CE
    Death of Giric, the last King of the Picts.