Pericles Timeline

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  • c. 495 BCE
    Birth of Pericles.
  • 470 BCE
    Pericles enters politics.
  • 463 BCE
    Pericles leads a prosecution of Cimon on charges of corruption but he is acquitted.
  • 462 BCE - 461 BCE
    Radicalisation of democracy in Athens; Cimon exiled, Pericles comes to exercise influence.
  • c. 462 BCE - 458 BCE
    Pericles introduces democratic institutions in Athens.
  • 461 BCE - 429 BCE
    Pericles is ruler of Athens.
  • 460 BCE - 429 BCE
    The Age of Pericles. Athenian Agora is rebuilt, construction of Parthenon.
  • 454 BCE
    Pericles leads his first military expedition in Sicyon and Acarnania.
  • 453 BCE
    Pericles erects trophy at Nemea after Athenian victory over the Sikyonians.
  • c. 450 BCE
    Pericles oversees a significant rebuilding programme at Eleusis.
  • 448 BCE
    Pericles leads the Athenian forces in the Battle of Delphi.
  • 447 BCE
    Barbarians are expelled from Gallipoli by Pericles' army.
  • 28 Jul 447 BCE
    Reconstruction and creation of the Acropolis of the Classical Period begins under Pericles' leadership.
  • 440 BCE
    Pericles leads the Athenian navy in the seige against Samos
  • 431 BCE
    Athens invades Megara.
  • 429 BCE
    The death of Pericles from the plague.
  • c. 425 BCE
    Kresilas sculpts the idealised portrait statue of Pericles which in antiquity was much copied as a bust.