Justinian I Timeline

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  • 521
    Justinian is made Consul by his uncle Emperor Justin I.
  • 525
    Justinian I marries Theodora, a woman from a poor background and possibly a courtesan.
  • 527 - 565
    Reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I.
  • 1 Apr 527
    Coronation of Justinian I and Theodora in the Hagia Sophia Church in Constantinople.
  • 529
    The first part of Justinian's Code, the Codex Justinianus, is released and immediately adopted across the Byzantine Empire.
  • Jan 532
    The Nika Revolt lasts over a week in Constantinople during the reign of Justinian I. The disturbance caused the destruction of much of the central city area and was quashed after a significant loss of life.
  • 533 - 534
    The Vandal War launched by Emperor Justinian I, aimed a reconquering Africa from the Vandals.
  • Dec 533
    The Digestum and Institutiones parts of Justinian's Code are released which supersedes all previous laws across the Byzantine Empire.
  • 534
    Justinian of the Byzantine Empire conquers the Vandal kingdom in Africa.
  • Dec 534
    Justinian's Code, which is the basis of law across the Byzantine Empire, is amended and updated.
  • 535 - 554
    The Gothic War launched by Emperor Justinian I, aimed at reconquering Italy from the Goths.
  • 548
    Death of Empress Theodora of the Byzantine empire, probably of cancer.
  • Jul 556 - c. Jul 572
    Samaritan revolt beginning in Caesarea Maritima, perhaps with Jewish support. A number of churches are destroyed and there is a significant loss of life.
  • 565
    Death of Justinian I after 38 years ruling the Roman Empire.