Julius Caesar Timeline

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  • 12 Jul 100 BCE - 15 Mar 44 BCE
    Life of Gaius Julius Caesar, founder of the Roman Empire.
  • c. 69 BCE - 12 Aug 30 BCE
    Life of Cleopatra VII of Egypt.
  • 65 BCE
    Julius Caesar becomes aedile curule in Rome.
  • 60 BCE - 53 BCE
    First Triumvirate' between Caesar, Pompey and Crassus.
  • 58 BCE - 51 BCE
    Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul.
  • 58 BCE
    Caesar attacks the Helvetii while on migration and defeats them.
  • 58 BCE
    Julius Caesar invades Gaul. Roman influence on the European tribes begins in earnest.
  • 57 BCE
    A Roman army under Caesar narrowly defeats an army of Nervii, Atrebates, and Viromandui.
  • 55 BCE - 54 BCE
    Julius Caesar's expeditions in Britain.
  • 55 BCE
    Caesar attempts to invade Britain.
  • 54 BCE
    Caesar successfully invades Britain but withdraws to Gaul.
  • 54 BCE - 29 BCE
    Forum of Caesar constructed in Rome by Julius Caesar as another area to conduct judicial business. It is the best surviving of his monuments.
  • 54 BCE - 53 BCE
    Ambiorix of the Eburones tribe destroys around 9,000 Roman soldiers at Atuatuca.
  • 53 BCE
    Julius Caesar holds council of Gallic tribes in Lutetia.
  • 52 BCE
    Julius Caesar is defeated at Gergovia by Vercingetorix.
  • 52 BCE
    After becoming trapped and besieged at Alesia, Vercingetorix surrenders to Caesar.
  • 51 BCE
    Caesar's siege and capture of Uxellodunum ends the Gallic War.
  • 49 BCE
    Julius Caesar captures Brundisium in southern Italy.
  • 49 BCE
    Julius Caesar besieges Massilia.
  • 49 BCE
    Caesar crosses the Rubicon. Civil war between Caesar and Pompey begins.
  • 48 BCE
    Caesar defeats Pompey (battle of Pharsalus); Pompey flees to Egypt and is killed by courtiers of Ptolemy XIII.
  • 48 BCE
    Caesar arrives in Egypt and orders Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra VII to disband their armies, but instead, war breaks out.
  • 23 Jun 47 BCE
    Birth of Cleopatra's son, named Caesarion; Caesar is said to be the father.
  • c. 46 BCE
    Julius Caesar mints the largest quantity of gold coins ever seen in Rome.
  • 46 BCE
    Julius Caesar celebrates a triple triumph in Rome.
  • 44 BCE
    Julius Caesar is murdered.
  • 44 BCE
    Julius Caesar founds the Roman colony of Corinth.
  • 29 BCE
    The Temple of Divus Julius, dedicated to the deified Julius Caesar, is added to Rome's Forum Romanum.
  • 47 CE - 50 CE
    Londinium (London) founded, roads constructed.