Greek Religion Timeline

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  • c. 1500 BCE
    First temple to Demeter & Persephone is built at Eleusis.
  • c. 800 BCE
    The site of Delphi first acquires a religious significance.
  • c. 800 BCE
    The oracle of Zeus is established at Dodona.
  • 776 BCE
    First athletic games in honour of Zeus are held at Olympia with one event, the stadion foot race.
  • c. 700 BCE
    Greek poet Hesiod writes his Theogony and Works and Days.
  • c. 700 BCE
    The temple of Apollo is built on the island of Delos.
  • 700 BCE - 600 BCE
    Temples are built in honour of Apollo, Demeter and Dionysos on the island of Naxos.
  • c. 700 BCE
    The site of Sounion first acquires a religious significance.
  • 700 BCE - 379 CE
    The Letoon sanctuary dedicated to Leto is active at Xanthos in Lycia.
  • 650 BCE - 600 BCE
    Heraion, temple dedicated to Hera built at Olympia.
  • c. 650 BCE
    The first temple in honour of Apollo is built at Delphi.
  • 600 BCE - 550 BCE
    The Dionysia becomes a major Athenian festival in honour of Dionysos.
  • c. 600 BCE
    The Eleusinian Mysteries become part of the official Athenian religious calendar.
  • 573 BCE
    First athletic games at Nemea in honour of Zeus.
  • c. 550 BCE
    The temple of Apollo is constructed at Corinth.
  • c. 540 BCE
    Athens removes and prohibits further burials on Delos to purify the sacred island.
  • c. 510 BCE
    The second temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the first temple destroyed by fire.
  • c. 500 BCE
    Asclepius becomes principal god of worship at Epidaurus.
  • 480 BCE
    Persians destroy the sanctuary at Sounion.
  • c. 460 BCE - 457 BCE
    Temple of Zeus is built at Olympia with a statue of Apollo dominating the west pediment and containing the cult statue of Zeus by Phidias.
  • c. 460 BCE
    The bronze Poseidon or Zeus statue (of Cape Artemesium) is sculpted.
  • 449 BCE
    The Hephaisteion, temple to Athena & Hephaistos, built in Athens.
  • 447 BCE - 432 BCE
    The construction of the Parthenon in Athens by the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates under the direction of Phidias.
  • c. 444 BCE - 440 BCE
    Temple of Poseidon at Sounion re-built.
  • 438 BCE
    The cult statue of Athena Parthenos is dedicated in the Parthenon of Athens.
  • c. 430 BCE - c. 420 BCE
    Sanctuary of Aphrodite constructed at Argos.
  • c. 430 BCE
    The cult statue of Zeus by Phidias is dedicated in the Temple of Zeus, Olympia. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • c. 425 BCE - c. 420 BCE
    The Temple dedicated to Athena Nike is constructed on the acropolis of Athens.
  • 421 BCE - 406 BCE
    The Erechtheion of Athens acropolis is constructed with six Caryatids in the south porch.
  • c. 380 BCE - c. 375 BCE
    Temple to Asclepius constructed at Epidaurus.
  • c. 330 BCE
    Temple of Zeus built at Nemea.
  • c. 330 BCE
    The third temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the earlier temple damaged by earthquake.
  • c. 320 BCE
    Temple dedicated to Aphrodite constructed at Epidaurus.
  • c. 292 BCE - c. 280 BCE
    The Colossus of Rhodes, a representation of Helios, is built in Rhodes town harbour, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • 379 CE
    Theodosius I orders the closure of all Greek pagan sites.
  • 393 CE
    Roman Emperor Theodosius definitively ends all pagan Games in Greece.
  • 426 CE
    Emperor Theodosios II orders the destruction of Olympia.