Golden Age of Piracy Timeline

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  • 1690 - 1730
    The Golden Age of Piracy.
  • May 1694
    Henry Every leads a mutiny and takes over the Charles II which he renames the Fancy.
  • 1695
    In London, Captain Kidd gathers a consortium of anonymous backers to fund a privateering expedition in the Indian Ocean.
  • Sep 1695
    The English pirate Henry Every captures a treasure ship of the Mughal emperor, one of the richest prizes ever taken by a pirate in any era.
  • 1697 - 1698
    Captain Kidd commits several acts of piracy in the Indian Ocean.
  • 30 Oct 1697
    Captain Kidd kills one of his gunners, William Moore.
  • 30 Jan 1698
    Captain Kidd attacks and captures the merchant ship Quedah Merchant off the coast of India near Cochin.
  • 1701
    The British government permits colonies to try and hang pirates themselves rather than ship them to England.
  • 23 May 1701
    The pirate Captain Kidd is hanged at Wapping Old Stairs, London and his body is left to rot in public veiw by the River Thames.
  • 1713 - 1718
    The British pirate Benjamin Hornigold is active in the Caribbean and North American coast.
  • 1716 - 1720
    The English pirate Charles Vane is active in the Caribbean and east coast of America.
  • 1717 - 1718
    The pirates Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) and Benjamin Hornigold sail in consort.
  • 1717
    Woodes Rogers is appointed the Governor of the Bahamas for the first time.
  • 1717 - 1720
    The pirate Edward England is active in the Caribbean, Eastern Atlantic, and Indian Ocean.
  • Mar 1717 - Oct 1718
    The Barbadian pirate Stede Bonnet is active in the Caribbean and off the east coast of North America.
  • Apr 1717
    The British pirate Samuel Bellamy dies when his ship Whydah is shipwrecked off Cape Cod.
  • Oct 1718
    The two pirate crews of Blackbeard and Charles Vane enjoy a week-long party on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.
  • Nov 1718
    The pirate crew of Charles Vane votes to depose him. They select John Rackham ('Calico Jack') as their new captain.
  • Nov 1718
    The Barbadian pirate Stede Bonnet is hanged in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Apr 1719
    Anne Bonny and John Rackham steal a ship in the Bahamas and embark on a life of piracy in the Caribbean.
  • 1720 - 1722
    The Welsh pirate Bartholomew Roberts ('Black Bart' Roberts) is active on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Nov 1720
    The pirates 'Calico Jack' (John Rackham), Anne Bonny, and Mary Read are apprehended in the Caribbean by the Jamaican authorities.
  • 28 Nov 1720
    Anne Bonny and Mary Read are tried for piracy in Jamaica and found guilty. Thier sentence of death by hanging is postpoend as both are pregnant.
  • 1721 - 1724
    The English pirate Edward Low is active in the Caribbean and eastern Atlantic.
  • 1721
    John Taylor and Olivier La Bouche capture the Portuguese treasure ship Nostra Senhora de Cabo at Réunion Island.
  • Mar 1721
    The English pirate Charles Vane is hanged in Jamaica.
  • 1722
    The pirates Edward Low and George Lowther operate in tandem in the Caribbean.
  • 1722
    At Cape Coast Castle, Guinea in West Africa, 52 of Bartholomew Roberts’ crew are hanged.
  • Jan 1722
    The Welsh pirate Bartholomew Roberts captures 11 ships of the West African coast.
  • 12 Feb 1722
    The Welsh pirate Bartholomew Roberts ('Black Bart' Roberts) is killed in action against the Royal Naval vessel HMS Swallow.