Ennin Timeline

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  • c. 793 - 864
    Life of Ennin, the Buddhist scholar-monk and abbot of Enryakuji, who brought many esoteric teachings from China to Japan.n
  • 808
    Ennin joins the monastery of Enryakuji, Japan.
  • 838 - 847
    Japanese Tendai Buddhist monk Ennin studies esoteric Buddhism in China.
  • 849
    Ennin leads the first imperial-sponsored esoteric ritual at Enryakuji, Japan.
  • 854
    Ennin becomes the abbot of Enryakuji, Heiankyo (Kyoto), Japan.
  • 864
    The Buddhist monk Ennin is given the title Jikaku Daishi by the Japanese emperor, two years after his death.