Ardashir I Timeline

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  • c. 180 CE - 241 CE
    Life of Ardashir I, founder of the Sassanian Empire.
  • c. 187 CE
    Ardashir I, then age 7, is sent by his father to learn military and administrative skills at Fort Darabgerd.
  • c. 200 CE
    Ardashir I has succeeded the commander of Fort Darabgerd; accomplished in military and administrative skills.
  • 200 CE
    Ardashir I participates in the rebellion to unseat the satrap of Persis Guchehr; Ardashir's father assumes the throne of the region.
  • 208 CE
    Ardashir I's older brother Shapur killed in an accident; Ardashir proclaims himself king of Persis.
  • c. 211 CE
    Ardashir, king (malakh) of Persis, revolts against the Parthians and founds the Sasanian Empire.
  • 224 CE - 240 CE
    Reign of Ardashir I, who reformed the Persia by centralizing power, making Zoroastrianism state religion, and rivalling Rome.
  • 224 CE
    Ardashir I defeats Artabans IV at the Battle of Hormozdgan; Parthian Empire falls and Ardashir founds Sassanian Empire.
  • 224 CE - 227 CE
    Ardashir I consolidates his power and establishes the Sassanian Empire.
  • 224 CE - 227 CE
    Probable dates for the coronation of Ardashir I as king of the Sassanian Empire.
  • 229 CE
    Ardashir I and Shapur I drive the Romans from Mesopotamia and Syria.
  • 229 CE - 233 CE
    Ardashir I's war with Rome; Romans under Alexander Severus are defeated.
  • c. 235 CE - c. 237 CE
    Ardashir I passes throne to his son Shapur I.
  • 240 CE
    Shapur I becomes king of the Sassanian Empire; Ardashir I advises until his death in c. 241 CE.