Alfred the Great


Alfred the Great (r. 871-899 CE) was the king of Wessex in Britain but came to be known as King of the Anglo-Saxons after his military victories over Viking adversaries and later successful negotiations with them. He is the best-known Anglo-Saxon king in British history thanks to his biographer Asser (died c. 909 CE) and that work's impact on later writers.

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  • 849 - 899
    Life of King Alfred the Great.
  • 865 - 871
    Alfred serves as military commander under his brother King Aethelred against Viking raiders.
  • 871 - 899
    Reign of King Alfred the Great of Wessex.
  • 871
    Alfred becomes king of Wessex following Aethelred's death.
  • 878
    Vikings take Chippenham in surprise attack; Alfred driven into exile.
  • 878
    Alfred mobilizes his forces and defeats Vikings at the Battle of Eddington.
  • c. 880 - c. 886
    Alfred implements his famous reforms of military, law, education, and infrastructure of Britain.
  • 886
    Alfred takes London from the Vikings; is recognized as king outside of Wessex.
  • 899
    Death of Alfred the Great; succeeded by his son Edward.