Aetolian League Timeline

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  • c. 426 BCE
    The Athenian general Demosthenes launches an attack on the Aetolian hillmen.
  • c. 366 BCE
    An Athenian decree refers to the koinon (league) of the Aetolians.
  • 344 BCE
    Philip II of Macedon reorganizes the government of Thessaly.
  • 338 BCE
    Philip II of Macedon deliveres the city of Naupactus to the Aetolians.
  • 330 BCE
    According to Plutarch, the Aetolians capture the Akarnanian city of Oiniadai.
  • 321 BCE
    Antipater invades Aetolia.
  • 301 BCE
    Aetolia allies with Boeotia.
  • c. 290 BCE - c. 270 BCE
    The Aetolian League expands to bigger part of the shore of the Corinthian Gulf, Herakleia in Trachis, Lokris and in the Malian Gulf on the coasts of Phthiotis.
  • 289 BCE
    In northern Aetolia, joined Epirotian and Aetolian forces repel the Macedonian invaders.
  • c. 280 BCE - 279 BCE
    A coalition between the Aetolians and the Boeotians repel the Celtic invasion.
  • c. 224 BCE
    An Aetolian colony is established in the city of Same in the island of Cephallonia.
  • 220 BCE - 217 BCE
    A war is declared between the Symmachy and the Aetolian League, Sparta and Elis.
  • c. 217 BCE
    Philip V captures the Aetolian base of Phthiotic Thebes and installs a colony naming it after him, Philippi.
  • 214 BCE - 205 BCE
    First Macedonian War: Rome defeats Philip V of Macedon.
  • 200 BCE - 196 BCE
    Second Macedonian War: Roman victory.
  • 197 BCE
    Romans are victorious over Philip V of Macedon at Cynoscephalae.
  • 192 BCE - 188 BCE
    The Roman-Seleucid War.
  • 172 BCE - 168 BCE
    Third Macedonian War: Perseus of Macedon challenges Rome and is defeated.
  • 150 BCE - 148 BCE
    As a result of the Fourth Macedonian War, Aetolia is incorporated into the Roman Republic.