Aetolian League


The Aetolian League was an ancient Greek alliance of the tribes that lived west of Athens and north of the Peloponnese. The league was probably first established in the early 4th century BCE, reached its peak during the Hellenistic Period, and survived until the region was annexed by Rome at the end of the Fourth Macedonian War.

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  • c. 426 BCE
    The Athenian general Demosthenes launches an attack on the Aetolian hillmen.
  • c. 366 BCE
    An Athenian decree refers to the koinon (league) of the Aetolians.
  • 344 BCE
    Philip II of Macedon reorganizes the government of Thessaly.
  • 338 BCE
    Philip II of Macedon deliveres the city of Naupactus to the Aetolians.
  • 330 BCE
    According to Plutarch, the Aetolians capture the Akarnanian city of Oiniadai.
  • 321 BCE
    Antipater invades Aetolia.
  • 301 BCE
    Aetolia allies with Boeotia.
  • c. 290 BCE - c. 270 BCE
    The Aetolian League expands to bigger part of the shore of the Corinthian Gulf, Herakleia in Trachis, Lokris and in the Malian Gulf on the coasts of Phthiotis.
  • 289 BCE
    In northern Aetolia, joined Epirotian and Aetolian forces repel the Macedonian invaders.
  • c. 280 BCE - 279 BCE
    A coalition between the Aetolians and the Boeotians repel the Celtic invasion.
  • c. 224 BCE
    An Aetolian colony is established in the city of Same in the island of Cephallonia.
  • 220 BCE - 217 BCE
    A war is declared between the Symmachy and the Aetolian League, Sparta and Elis.
  • c. 217 BCE
    Philip V captures the Aetolian base of Phthiotic Thebes and installs a colony naming it after him, Philippi.
  • 214 BCE - 205 BCE
    First Macedonian War: Rome defeats Philip V of Macedon.
  • 200 BCE - 196 BCE
    Second Macedonian War: Roman victory.
  • 197 BCE
    Romans are victorious over Philip V of Macedon at Cynoscephalae.
  • 192 BCE - 188 BCE
    The Roman-Seleucid War.
  • 172 BCE - 168 BCE
    Third Macedonian War: Perseus of Macedon challenges Rome and is defeated.
  • 150 BCE - 148 BCE
    As a result of the Fourth Macedonian War, Aetolia is incorporated into the Roman Republic.