Ancient Egypt Teaching Resource Bundle (21 Lesson Plans)

Teaching Bundle

Patrick Goodman
published on 19 August 2022
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This Ancient Egypt Teaching Resource Bundle is a collection of teaching resources that you can download for free.

Our teaching resources and lesson plans are adapted to students' different levels of ability as well as teaching environments: Teachers and educators can use them in their classroom but also at home or in online classes, with small and easy adjustments (see below).

Comparative Timelines of Egypt & Kush
Comparative Timelines of Egypt & Kush
Patrick Goodman (CC BY-NC-SA)

This bundle includes:

  • 21 lesson plans
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes and open questions (including answers)
  • Key terms glossary
  • Recommended resources
  • Timeline
  • Maps

The following subject areas are covered, around which we have also created online Quizlets.

Tips for Online Teaching

If you are using our material in an online class, you could for example:

  • Request video recordings or ask the students to make books or brochures instead of regular presentations. Try Book Creator or Flipgrid.
  • If our resource asks you to split the classroom to handle a longer article or video, you could still use the same material but add some guidance within the text margin directly (InsertLearning) or cut videos into more manageable segments (TubeChop). Also, all our articles have audio versions, which can come in handy!
  • You can organize a quiz or classroom discussions with Poll Everywhere, too, if you are not already using tools like Google Classroom.

Happy teaching!

Download this teaching resource:
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Patrick Goodman
Patrick is a librarian with a background in paper-based materials preservation. He enjoys discovering both the shared and defining characteristics of ancient societies, and how the past still shapes us today.

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