The Merovingian Dynasty, c. 639

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Simeon Netchev
published on 24 January 2023
The Merovingian Dynasty,  c. 639 Download Full Size Image

A map depicting the rise and expansion of the Merovingians, a powerful Frankish dynasty that, at the end of the 5th century, was the first to unify the fragmented tribes and petty kingdoms in the territory of present-day Germany, France, the Low Countries, Switzerland, and Austria after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Beginning with Clovis (a Salian Frank claiming descendency of a mythical hero named Merovech), the Merovingian-ruled kingdoms grew into the most influential and powerful Western world societies, blending Germanic Frankish customs with existing Gallo-Roman institutions. Following the baptism of Clovis, the Franks began adopting Christianity, setting off on a path of centuries of a strategic alliance between the Frankish State and the Roman Catholic Church.

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Simeon Netchev
Simeon is a freelance visual designer with a deep interest in the human side of history. He believes that every image should be an interaction, a commentary, and a narrative, and every map should lead on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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