Simeon Netchev



Simeon Netchev Simeon is a freelance visual designer interested in the reasons and motivations that make individuals and societies tick and evolve. His love of history stems from his origins in an ancient town on the Danubian Plain where countless layers of Thracian, Roman, Slavic, Bulgarian, and Turkish narratives still mingle, meld, and intertwine right under one’s eyes and fingers.

Having spent many years in the USA, Belgium, Poland, and now, for the time being, living in Zurich, Simeon’s studies have taken him from a platoon command to Indian linguistics and from architectural design to the restoration of monuments and conservation of towns.

Simeon believes that every picture should tell a story and every map should lead on a journey and hopes his WHE contributions will inspire people to explore and experience history with as much fun and excitement he is having when drawing them.


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