Bulgarian Empire under Khan Krum the Fearsome, 803-814

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Simeon Netchev
published on 23 January 2023

A map illustrating the reign of Krum the Fearsome (Bulgarian: Крум Страшни), a pagan khan of Bulgaria from about 800 until his death in 814. During his time on the throne, Krum embarked on an aggressive campaign of territorial expansion, resulting in medieval Bulgaria doubling in size and spreading from the Dnieper to Middle Danube and from the Tatra Mountains to Adrianople. Following Charlemagne's defeat of the Avar Khaganate in 803, the Bulgarians took on the Avars themselves and, in 805, extended their territory to the borders of the Frankish Empire. In 811, they defeated an invading Byzantine force, killed Emperor Nicephorus I, and opened the way for a southward expansion. Krum besieged Constantinople in 813, plundering the surrounding countryside, but died (supposedly of cerebral hemorrhage) during a second siege of the Byzantine capital the following year.

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Simeon Netchev
Simeon is a freelance visual designer with a deep interest in the human side of history. He believes that every image should be an interaction, a commentary, and a narrative, and every map should lead on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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