Powhatan's Chimney


Joshua J. Mark
by James Lawson
published on 23 February 2021
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Powhatan's Chimney, Wicomico, Glouchester County, Virginia, USA, built in the 19th century CE.

The monument rebuilt the ruin of a 17th-century CE structure thought to have been the chimney of a house built by Captain John Smith (l. 1580-1631 CE) for the Powhatan Chief Wahunsenacah (l. c. 1547-c. 1618 CE, also known as Chief Powhatan). According to Smith's reports, he built an English-style house for Powhatan at the chief's village of Werowocomoco. The ruins at the site of Powhatan's Chimney were identified with this house up through the 20th century CE. The actual site of Werewocomoco was identified in 2003 CE at a different location, but Powhatan's Chimney still receives significant attention, especially from those seeking to honor the memory of the great Powhatan Chief.

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