Castle Keep Timeline

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  • c. 1000
    The tower keep is built at Ivry-la-Bataille Castle, Normandy, France.
  • c. 1000
    The castle and tower keep of Langeais, central France, are built.
  • c. 1020
    The tower keep of Loches Castle, central France, is built.
  • c. 1072
    The tower keep of Chepstow Castle, Wales is built.
  • c. 1074
    The tower keep is begun at Colchester Castle, Essex, England.
  • c. 1078 - c. 1100
    The White Tower of the Tower of London is built, a project begun by William the Conqueror.
  • 1095 - 1115
    The hall keep is added to Norwich Castle, Norfolk, England.
  • c. 1125
    The tower keep of Arques Castle, Normandy, France is built by Henry I of England.
  • 1127 - 1136
    The tower keep is built at Rochester Castle, England.
  • 1130
    Etampes Castle is built, near Paris, France. The tower keep is circular on the outside and square inside.
  • c. 1138
    The tower keep of Farnham Castle, Surrey, England is built.
  • c. 1142
    A tower keep is added to Hedingham Castle, Essex, England.
  • 1150 - 1175
    The Caesar's Tower castle keep at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, England is built.
  • 1157 - 1169
    The tower keep of Scarborough Castle, Yorkshire, England is built.
  • 1165 - 1173
    Orford Castle, Suffolk, England is built and has a circular tower keep with attached rectangular turrets.
  • 1168 - 1178
    A tower keep is added to Newcastle Castle, England.
  • c. 1170 - 1189
    Henry II extends Dover Castle in southern England, adding outer walls and a keep.
  • 1180 - 1190
    The tower keep is built at Conisbrough Castle, Doncaster, England.
  • c. 1190
    A square tower keep is added to Carrickfergus Castle, Antrim, Northern Ireland.
  • 1199 - 1219
    Sir William Marshal adds a circular tower keep to Pembroke Castle, Wales.
  • c. 1200
    The tower keep of Trim Castle, County Meath, Ireland is built.
  • c. 1200
    The tower keep of Barnard Castle, County Durham, England is built.
  • 1205
    Philip II of France adds a tower keep to Chinon Castle, France.
  • 1206
    A round tower keep is built into the curtain walls of Gisors, Normandy, France.
  • c. 1225
    A circular tower keep is built at Chateau de Coucy, northern France
  • 1240
    Dirleton Castle, East Lothian, Scotland is built with a massive circular tower keep.
  • c. 1317
    The Eagle Tower, a castle keep, is completed at Caernarfon Castle in Wales.