Reinventing Ancient Archery

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Jan van der Crabben
by larsandersen23
published on 27 June 2014

Faster than Legolas!
A historical technique much faster than what we have known.

The Danish archer Lars Andersen has rediscovered an old and very fast way to shoot arrows from a bow.

To compare speed, I have added four other good, fast archers to show the time it takes to shoot ten arrows. It is completely unscientific and not objective. The four other archers can probably shoot faster than these videos:

1: Lajos Kassai, famous and fabulous Hungarian. Fastest horseback shooting in the world. He was the one who first inspired me to do fast shooting. Shoots and teaches the horses and archery system he has developed based on pre angerede arrows:

2: Iza Privezenceva, tough Russian girl. Fastest quiver shooting in the world. She shoots a new and very interesting inverse system developed by Seregedel:

3: DasDaan, Dutch archer. He shoots a "classic" quiver system:

4: Bo "Combat Archery" Cole, American archer. Shoots and teaches the system he has developed, which is a fairly simple straightforward system, without the use of pre angerede arrows. The best beginning system for people who want to shoot fast:

Shooting the chain mail: This is included because it shows how much energy "low pressure" modern carbon fiber bows actually provide. Ring armor is good quality riveted and with rings on the 7mm.

I had first agreed with a blacksmith that he should make special arrows with chain mail tips, but first did a test with normal arrows, and quite surprisingly smashed all the ordinary arrows straight through the ring armor.
It surprised me a lot, because I had thought that I had to use one of my heavier bows.

It should be remembered that as archery has been around for 60,000 years, most archers never shot at enemies with iron armor. Today we often have an incorrect idea that war archery is always against enemies in iron armor.

For 60,000 years, man has shot with bows. Today we know very little about past archery, so much is lost. There are no truths or proper ways to shoot with bows. I have rediscovered something about archery, but there is still so much to rediscover.

Lars Andersen

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