The Ancient Romans at War - Warfare and Strategy


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published on 26 June 2023

Roman Warfare was remarkably successful over many centuries and across many territories. This was due to several important factors. Italy was a peninsula not easily attacked, there was a huge pool of fighting men to draw upon, a disciplined and innovative army, a centralised command and line of supply, expert engineers, and effective diplomacy through a network of allies.

Further, Rome’s allies not only supplied, equipped and paid for additional men but they also supplied vital materials such as grain and ships. In addition, the Romans had an inclusive approach to conquered peoples which allowed for the strengthening and broadening of the Roman power and logistical bases. On top of all this, Rome was more or less in a continuous state of war or readiness for it and believed absolutely in the necessity of defending and imposing on others what she firmly believed was her cultural superiority.



0:00​ Introduction
0:51 Introduction to Ancient Roman Warfare
1:56 Kingdom of Rome & Republic
4:05 The Imperial Military
5:23 Structure & Command
6:34 Naval Warfare
7:25 Strategies & Logistics
8:38 Victories & Spoils
9:50 Outro

Roman Warfare
Roman Naval Warfare
Roman Siege Warfare
Roman Artillery
Roman Cavalry

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