The Legend of Herakles - the Greatest Hero in Greek Mythology


Kelly Macquire
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published on 21 February 2023

Herakles, who is also widely known by his Roman name Hercules, is probably the most famous hero from Greek mythology whose challenges and adventures started when he was an infant and carried through till his death. Herakles' mother, Alcmene, was visited by the god Zeus while her husband Amphitrion, was in Thebes, disguised as her husband, and being the son of Zeus made Herakles a demi-god, but still mortal. Initially, the infant Herakles was named Alcides by his parents but his name was changed to Herakles - “Glory of Hera” - in an attempt to appease Zeus’ wife Hera.

Herakles was plagued by Hera throughout his life. She caused the greek hero to go mad which resulted in him killing his wife Megara and their children. In penance, Herakle visited his cousin Eurystheus in Mycenae, who gave him twelve incredible challenging labours to complete before the guilt of his crime could be washed away. These challenges are now known as Herakles' twelve labours.



0:00​ Introduction
1:02 Early Life of Herakles
4:57 The Twelve Labours of Herakles
13:38 Herakles after his Twelve Labours
15:10 Death and Apotheosis of Herakles
17:45 Outro

The Life of Hercules in Myth & Legend–legend/
Megara (Wife of Herakles)
Hercule and Alcestis: Personal Excellence & Social Duty–social/
Shield of Herakles

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