Beaumaris Castle and Anglesey


Mark Cartwright
by ArialVideo
published on 10 December 2019

Beaumaris in Anglesey during the summer heatwave we are having. Anglesey is such a stunning place, absolutely delightful and very varied with idyllic seaside villages and golden sands. Packed full of history, architecture and people from all walks of life a truly great British place to stay and visit.

Castell Biwmares a'r dre yn Sir Fon yn ystod yr tywydd da rydym nin gael am y tro. Gobeithio my fydd yn aros tran diwedd y flwyddyn :)
Beaumaris was originally a Viking settlement known as Porth y Wygyr ("Port of the Vikings"),[citation needed] but the town itself began its development in 1295 when Edward I of England, having conquered Wales, commissioned the building of Beaumaris Castle as part of a chain of fortifications around the North Wales coast (others include Conwy, Caernarfon and Harlech).
The castle was built on a marsh and that is where it found its name: the French builders called it beaux marais which translates as "beautiful marshes".

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