The Egyptian Museum in Cairo; Ancient Egyptian Antiquities

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Joshua J. Mark
by ConnollyCove
published on 19 August 2019

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt. Egypt travel attractions and destinations to reveal with us.

Traveling to Egypt is all about visiting the museums, the Pyramids, the old places, as well as getting the chance to walk through the streets, eat the Egyptian food, enjoy a day by the Nile, and at the same time give yourself the chance to get introduced to the nightlife of this city.

From the most famous Egyptian touristic attractions, the Egyptian Museum is on top of the list, through which you will see the historical Pharaonic pieces. The Egyptian Museum is in Tahrir square, which is considered the middle of the city, Cairo, and thus you will not just enjoy watching the old gems, but will also get the chance to see the old Egypt.

The Egyptian museum is famously called the Museum of Egypt "المتحف المصري" and it carries a good amount of Egyptian ancient antiquities, about 120,000 items; some of them are already on display while others are kept in store rooms.

This is a must see and visit place during the trip to Egypt because there are different stories to hear inside about the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egyptian civilization. You might even love the stories that you just wish you could visit the place once again and go through the same things millions of times.

The most important thing about the Egyptian museum in Cairo is to never miss the hall of the mummies in order to see the superior quality of the life that the ancient Egyptians used to live and have an evidence for that.

The moment you enter the Egyptian museum, you will feel that you have been taken and transformed to the old age due to the sculptures that are found inside and the different things you will get the chance to see.

A lot of Egyptian artwork and Egyptian artifacts to come across in this place. We recommend that you either get a trustworthy tour guide who could help you with knowing more about the place and getting the chance to reveal all the stories, or else bring yourself a book or an article from the internet that will help you to know as much as possible, but never wander the place just watching; read everything that is written there.

There are audio guides which you could buy from the kiosk in front of the foyer for 20 EGP and which will be very useful as your guide inside.

There's great history behind this place, not just the Egyptian artifacts, but the mummies, the masks, and actually everything about this place shows how the Egyptians were so good when it came to living like real kings and queens.

We recommend that you take your water with you because it is a little bit hot inside and you might find nowhere to bring yourself water inside during the journey. We also recommend that you take something that will tell you more about the artifacts there because some don't have label and you might find yourself standing in front of something you know nothing about.

Egypt history is like no other place in the world, this country of peace carries a lot to tell the world and the Egyptian museum is where the story starts. The grand Egyptian museum will tell you about the 7 thousand years of history that this country carried and that is the reason why it is considered one of the most important museums to visit in the world.

The Egyptian museum working hours are everyday from 9 AM until 7 PM. The Egyptian museum entrance fee differ according to what you are going to see inside; general admission is for 30 EGP for non-Egyptians, the royal mummies room is for 100 EGP, the centennial gallery for 10 EGP, and all these are reduced by half if you are a student.

Cameras are not allowed inside the place and you will be checked for that by the gates, so you will never get the chance to take photos inside and keep the memory of seeing those artifacts with you. You could only take photos from the outside to prove that you have been there and visited this important museum of Egypt.

This place is so famous, you will be able to reach it by taxi, by the metro, or even by the other transportation tools - but we don't recommend any other way than these two.

The Nile is only five minutes walk away from the Egyptian Museum so you could go for a walk there after you get done with your trip in the museum. There are different things to do in Egypt in general and a lot of things to see, so always plan to see as much as your stay allows you to.

When you visit Egypt, you should plan to visit Muhammad Ali Mosque

You should also visit The National Museum of Egypt

You should give yourself the chance to go to a tour through the Pharaonic Village

And even go to Al Moez street

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