Cult of Mithras Explained


William Brown
by ReligionForBreakfast
published on 08 May 2017

The Cult of Mithras was a thriving religion in the Roman Empire. But by the 5th was gone. What do we know about the Cult of Mithras? And what was its relationship with Christianity?

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Clauss, Manfred. The Roman Cult of Mithras.

Beck, Roger. The Religion of the Mithras Cult in the Roman Empire.

Sources debunking the "Christ/Mithras" myth can be found at The Tertullian Project: Tertullian Project:

Incredible resource of every citation about Mithras in Greco-Roman literature:

Photo attributions:
San Clemete Mithraeum:

Ostia Mithraeum:

Mithraeum of Seven Spheres:

Baths of Caracalla:,_facing_Caldarium.jpg

Rock Born Mithras:

Mithras Fresco:

7th Ostia Felicissimus Panel:

Sol and Mithras:

Ritual Meal:

Hawarte Picture:,262146,21.html?801805

Aurelian Coin:


Santa Prisca:

Capua Mithraeum:,_Ancient_Capua_(14416247560).jpg

Capua Fresco:,_2nd_century_(CIMRM_181),_Mithraeum_(mitreo),_Ancient_Capua_(14595393221).jpg

Dura-Europos House Church:

Constantine the Great bust:

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