Egypt: Engineering an Empire


Amanda Iliadis
by Prince Corsica
published on 19 December 2016

This video describes a number of great engineering achievements completed by various pharaohs in an attempt to build an Empire.
Menes, the founding king of the First Dynasty oversaw the construction of the world's first dam.
The Pharaoh Djoser commissioned a colossal burial tomb which would become the first stone building ever erected on Earth and the first of Egypt's 100 pyramids.
Pharaoh Snefruo looted neighbouring kingdoms to finance his architectural ambitions, developing a new age of Egyptian art.
Snefru's son Khufu built on his father's engineering experience to create the biggest and most perfect pyramid ever constructed: the Great Pyramid at Giza.
The rebel pharaoh Akhenaten moved Egypt's capital to a barren patch of desert requiring his engineers to develop faster-building techniques. Within two years, the bustling city housed 20,000 people.
Ramesses II built two temples at Abu Simbel, one for himself and one for his beloved queen, Nefertari.

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