Wenyue Gong

Wenyue Gong


I was born in Anhui, China and now I am studying in Australia. I am a Gen Z but not a typical one. I have been addicted to historical books since I was very young and I hoped I could major in history when she go to university, but I ended up learning languages, to be more specific, Spanish and modern Greek. I am satisfied with that anyway because I can learn languages, culture and history all at the same time. After learning Greek for a while, I find myself obsessed with Greek and Roman history, so I would be pleased to translate a few articles on this topic. Besides, I am particularly interested in European history after the 17th century as well, I consider it a huge enjoyment to investigate how those events and engagements in the past have changed the world and made it what we know today. I share with you an old Chinese saying:
With copper as a mirror, you can dress properly; and with history as a mirror, you can master the rise and fall of everything.


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