Reisa Rogovein

Reisa Rogovein


Leaving Montreal, Canada in 1970 due to the prevailing cultural revolution (Separatism in the province of Quebec), my family and I moved to Florida where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in English Literature in 1973. I began grad school but had to move back to Canada, to Kingston, Ontario, where I worked at the Queen's University's Douglas Library, in charge of 2 of their branch libraries (Electrical Engineering and Psychology). My then-husband received a surgical residency appointment in Houston, Texas, so back we came to America! In Houston, I became head of Interlibrary Loan at Rice University's Fondren Library until 1983, when I returned to grad school, completing a double-major Master's in English Literature and European History, after which I taught both at Houston Community College Systems, finally retiring in 2020. Then I went back to school to become a certified Cat Trainer, specializing in Feline Behavior. I was delighted to be offered a chance to be a book reviewer at Encyclopedia of World History, and have recently completed my first review of a book on Victorian fictional characters.

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